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Syria & Aleppo Syria & Aleppo



Syria is the cradle of civilization. It is said that “every person has two homelands, their own and Syria.”

Syria, Province Aleppo

“When we are in Syria, we find ourselves assimilated with history itself. Syria, as some historians call it, is the gate to history. Each grain of its soil is an enlightening letter in the eternal book of humanity”.

With its environmental diversity from plains and desert to mountains, rivers, valleys and beaches, Syria has been a great location for various types of agriculture and industries. Syria’s economy is based on the three sectors manufacturing, agriculture and commerce. Key industries include oil, gas, tourism and many more.

Syria has a population of about 19 million people, with its capital, Damascus, being the oldest still inhabited city in the world.


In Syria, where wheat was first domesticated, ceramic was first invented and metals were first discovered, marking the greatest achievements of prehistoric man. That is why historians describe Syria as the summary of the world history.

On its shores, the first alphabet (Ugarit) was coined, marking a breakthrough in communicating knowledge and experience among people through generations.





Aleppo CitadelLocated in the northern part of Syria, Aleppo city is the capital of Aleppo Governorate, the largest governorate in Syria in terms of population. With time-honored and great history throughout all ages, Aleppo is famous for its historical monuments such as its magnificent Castle, city gates, greatest oriental souks, mosqu

es, churches, schools as well as its time-honored traditional industries such as textiles, cotton ginning, bay laurel soap, olive oil and food industries.

Due to its historical and urban significance of Aleppo, UNESCO has classified this city as a world heritage area that has to be protected, especially it contains over 150 archeological sites representing various human civilizations throughout all ages. In 1986, the old city of Aleppo was entered into the Archeological Records, and its real estate registers were marked to prevent any destruction, alteration or modification of properties even by the municipality without prior approval from the world archeological authorities.